Modern and Multifunctional

Modern living is simplified with the Lovely Caves Cat Scratching Post. Satisfy your cats natural instinct of scratching while saving your sofa from scratches. Get your cat scratcher today!

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  • Rebecca

    I have one petite girl, about 7 pounds, and one big girl, 15 plus pounds. They both enjoy scratching and sitting on the sunflower. When I first got it I had it on a slant like in the photo but I found they enjoy it more flat so they can sit on it.

  • Katherine

    Perfect addition to our “Harvest” decor in the cat window. I didn’t get an action shot, but they all enjoyed scratching and rubbing up against it. Well built and good size.

  • Molly

    My kitties love scratching on this post snd I love it because I love sunflowers! It is a nice conversation piece as it is decorative as well as functional!

  • BoltsMom

    Love watching this guy play on his sunflower! He’s in love and it’s all worth it I put some extra cat MiP on the grass and flower for extra enjoyment!

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