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Lovely Caves

Lovely Caves 28.3in Coconut Palm Tree Cat Scratching Post

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Gone are the days of your cat scratching up your sofa and favorite chair. This Coconut Palm Tree Cat Scratching will become your furry friend’s favorite place to play, relax, and make new friends. Designed to provide a perfect outdoor environment for your cat, your kitty will develop a sense of balance and agility necessary to be a well-rounded feline as he climbs and hangs among its plush leaves. This is an excellent way to exercise his claws while keeping your furniture safe from damage.

  • MAKE SURE YOUR PET IS HEALTHY: Our stunning sisal scratching frame is the purr-fect choice for your kitty! Providing fun activities like scratching, climbing, perching, or simply relaxing in comfort, this is the ultimate cat tree to relieve stress and maintain fitness at the same time.

  • KEEP YOUR FURNITURE IN PRISTINE CONDITION: Protect your furniture while keeping your kitty safe and sound. With the intricate design of this piece and the use of only the finest materials, your cat will no longer try to destroy your furniture, instead, he will be obsessed with his awesome coconut climbing tree!

  • MADE OF ALL NATURAL MATERIALS: The Natural Sisal Coconut Palm Tree is designed to fuel your cat's sense of adventure. Made from natural, organic materials, it features crevices and platforms for climbing and scratching. This will keep your kitty happy, healthy, and entertained, while you can rest easy knowing it is 100% safe for your beloved cat!

  • PROVIDES HOURS OF FUN: The Natural Sisal Coconut Palm Tree is a cat scratching frame that cats love. With multiple levels and platforms to climb on, this toy will fulfill your cat's natural instincts as it lounges away the day in luxury. It's exciting, enticing, and ultimately irresistible for your feline friend.

  • A MULTIPURPOSE ITEM: Style meets function with the unique Cat Scratcher frame. This elegant cat scratcher will satisfy your cat's natural desire to sharpen his or her claws. What more? This coconut-shaped tree frame is visually stunning so it fits perfectly in your chic home decor and is sure to make a statement.

  • BUILT TO LAST: The Natural Sisal Coconut Palm Tree should be a staple in every cat owner's household. Made with the highest-quality sisal, this tree will keep your cat entertained and happy. With multiple levels and crevices to explore, your cat will have fun and stay healthy.

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