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Lovely Caves

Lovely Caves Cat Tent Bed with Non-Slip Soft Pad

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ULTRA-PORTABLE: Handmade from high-quality material, this unique cat tent provides plenty of room for cats to enjoy. The timeless design complements any room theme allowing you to bring it from home to home as you travel across the world. Plus, It's very easy to maintain since it's machine washable!


UNIQUE STYLE: Our unique pet tents will turn any boring room into an inviting cocoon that's sure to keep your pal happy and comfortable. Whatever your pup's style—punk or preppy— our revolutionary tent is what you need for him or her to feel comfortable in their own pet-sized home.


PHENOMENAL COMFORT: Give your pet a sanctuary of comfort with this soft cat bed. Stylish and durable, it's the perfect place for your furry friend to curl up and rest. With this comfy new pet bed, your pets will be in for a treat and you’ll feel comfortable cozying up on your couch.


PREMIUM QUALITY: Don’t let your cat or dog get the upper hand by settling for a side table. This furniture-grade pet bed will keep your pets’ mess out of the way in style without getting underfoot. This unique color or texture ensures your pup is always surrounded by cutting-edge style and quality materials, meaning it makes a bold statement.


EASY MAINTENANCE: With this easy-to-assemble tent, you can turn your cat tent into a real-life cat adventure land. A secret getaway for your pussy to stretch out and relax away from the rest of the family, this is sure to be your feline friend’s favorite spot. What’s more? Since it is machine washable, you can keep it looking as good as new with ease! 

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